How To Protect Your Operators By Choosing The Right Hull

June 9, 2023 Þorsteinn Sigurbjörnsson

How To Protect Your Operators By Choosing The Right Hull

The Benefits of Inertial Measurement Units in Characterizing Hull Performance and Human Impact Exposure in High-Speed Boat Operations

Keith Hubble, an engineering consultant for the TMS Group USA, gave a presentation at the High-Speed Boat Operations (HSBO) Forum 2023 about the benefits of using Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to evaluate hull performance and measure human impact exposure in high-speed boat operations. Hubble emphasized how IMUs can help objectively compare boats, especially in military applications. His presentation highlighted the potential advantages of using IMUs in this context, and how you can protect your operators by choosing the right hull.

During the session, Hubble shared current statistics from the special operations community, emphasizing the importance of understanding the challenges faced during high-speed boat operations. Hubble also delved into the anatomy of a wave impact. By examining the forces at play during wave impacts, he highlighted the potential risks associated with high-speed boat operations and the importance of accurate measurement and analysis.

A study from NATO Science and Technology Organization revealed alarming injury rates among operators. Out of 214 operators surveyed, a staggering 91% reported sustaining one or more impact-related injuries on high-speed vessels, amounting to 2460 reported injuries. This data underscored the urgency and relevance of implementing effective measurement and analysis tools to address these risks.

IMUs emerged as a critical tool in Hubble’s presentation, offering invaluable insights into boat performance and human biometric analysis. Hubble discussed three key areas where IMUs prove instrumental.

Hull Performance and Side-by-Side Testing

By utilizing IMUs, engineers and operators can accurately measure and compare the performance of different high-speed boats’ hulls. These measurements enable detailed analysis to identify design strengths and weaknesses, ultimately assisting in the selection of the most appropriate vessels for specific operational requirements.

Human Biomechanic Analysis

Integrating IMUs with human subjects allows for monitoring and measuring biomechanical parameters during high-speed boat operations. This data aids in assessing the impact of boat usage on military operators, providing valuable insights into potential injury risks and helping to enhance operator safety and well-being.

Dynamic Digital Twin Analysis Tool

Hubble also introduced the concept of a Dynamic Digital Twin Analysis Tool, leveraging IMU data to represent a high-speed boat’s behavior in real-time visually. This digital twin enables operators to predict and assess performance under varying operational conditions, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

The presentation educated attendees on the advantages of using IMUs to analyze hull performance and measure the impact of high-speed boat operations on humans. Hubble’s insights help to improve safety, performance, and efficiency in this crucial field by supporting unbiased boat comparisons.