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Innovation through ingenuity and experience

Throughout much of Iceland’s history, the North Atlantic Ocean that washes its shores, has been the country’s primary source of income. Icelanders treat the ocean —an often unforgiving place where survival is key— with great respect. The Icelandic survival instinct is the main inspiration behind the ÖK Hull, which is designed to be an all-purpose, resilient and secure platform, capable of tackling the most extreme marine environments.

Slide Our patented technology offers an amazing hull in regard to slamming. With an 82% reduction in hazardous slamming and a 95% reduction in slamming overall —compared to the traditional Deep-V Hull designs— the ÖK Hull is shaped by our lifelong experience of cruising the dark and uninviting waters of the Northern Atlantic. moulded by experience rough seas slamming CREW FATIGUE loss of control EQUIPMENT DAMAGE injuries structural damage longer response time RESULT IN

Crew safety and health above all

Boats and equipment can be replaced. It is the passengers and crew that matter and keeping them safe has always been in the core of our business. The revolutionary ÖK Hull is our foundation and with its dramatic decrease in slamming impact it directly affects wellbeing and safety on board. Minimized risk of injury or seasickness, and the ability to return operation-ready and safe to shore in severe weather conditions, are the primary reasons why professionals and leisure owners alike choose Rafnar, and what truly sets us apart from the competition.

Dramatic reduction in slamming

Only 5% of the dangerous slamming when compared to other boats in testing


Only 18% of the hazardous slamming when compared to other boats in testing


When every second counts

The ÖK Hull’s inherent abilities help hold constant speed in rough conditions and result in significantly reduced travel time. Without frequently having to adjust course due to bad weather along with its agility and incredible speed of turn radius, the ÖK Hull brings unrivaled seakeeping performance in all conditions. Professional operators will know the impact of sliding or hooking in high speed turns or the loss of vision when accelerating to the plane. With the ÖK Hull these problems are minimized and the crew can focus on the task at hand.

Token Features


Significantly minimizing the detrimental effects of wave slamming impacts, through its unrivaled seaworthiness, stability, and comfort, the ÖK Hull redefines the accepted fundamentals of seakeeping.

Less Slamming

Smooth and comfortable ride due to limited wave slamming, resulting in reduced risk of injury, lower passenger and crew fatigue and related medical, disability, and other costs.

Reduced Sliding

Precision, high-speed performance, resulting in immediate handling response with no sliding or hooking.

Stability and Payload

High stability and balance when idle or full throttle and high payload capacity without compromising speed.

Extended Life Span

Reduced mechanical & equipment wear from minimal wave slamming, resulting in lower maintenance, replacement rates, and other operating expenses.

Token Features

Maintenance is the long term cost

Vessel and equipment maintenance will always be the primary cost of ownership. With the ÖK Hull’s reduction in all different types of slamming, the long term health of both the superstructure and equipment is dramatically improved.

Slide Lifecycle cost of a conventional boat ök hull lifecycle cost of a boat using INITIAL COST INITIAL COST MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE
The Press

What Professionals Say

Hear what professionals and opinion leaders are saying about their experience with Rafnar and the ÖK Hull

Comparing apples to oranges

“…I have sailed many different types of boats, such as Zodiak, Avon, Springer, Aron and Parker. When it comes to seakeeping, comparing those boats to Rafnar 1100 is like comparing apples to oranges.”

Sigurður Ásgrímsson

Head of Special Operations and Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Icelandic Coast Guard

No other boat is ever going to compare

“I was blown away by how stable the boat was and how safe and comfortable I felt in it even whilst doing nearly 30 knots into the waves. I now feel that no other boat is ever going to be able to compare in terms of comfort and safety at speed!”

Claire Richardson

Director, Superyacht Tenders and Toys

Impossible to make unsafe

“…in 4-5m waves…the boat was very stable…you could easily stand on deck and not hold on… it would be impossible to make unsafe.”

Lars Giersing

VISAR Search and Rescue.

Remarkable seakeeping and comfort

“The ÖK Hull provides remarkable seakeeping and comfort compared with conventional boats, while at the same time breaking the attainable speed of a traditional displacement vessel.”

Andrew Johansson

Superyacht Magazine

The Press
Token Roadmap

The Ök Hull, from idea to reality


Össur Kristinsson begins development

The founder and creator of the ÖK Hull builds the first model for towing tanks.


First sailable prototype created

Water-tank tests in Vienna yield promising results and the first prototype is built out of wood.


First fiberglass prototype built

Next step in creating a viable product taken. A fiberglass prototype is built in Norway.


First Rafnar boat built

The first production hull built by Rafnar ehf. in Iceland.


First production hull built by Rafnar Hellas

The first hull built out of Iceland is made by Rafnar Hellas, the Rafnar Maritime partner in Greece.


ÖK Hull 2021 released

Reduction in spray and even better seakeeping! Research and development are what put Rafnar on the map, and what we believe will keep us there. The 2021 ÖK hull, a refinement that reduces spray and improves the hulls already unrivaled seakeeping, is launched.

Token Roadmap

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