The boat offers to the crew a safe and comfortable ride. On longer trips, they can stay well-rested, full of energy and ready for action when the assigned destination is reached.

- Heimir S. Haraldsson, Chairman of BT, SAR Team Kópavogur


Embracing all inherent features of the established Rafnar search-and-rescue, coast-guard, and naval capabilities, the Rafnar Professional is the ideal boat for professional seafarers and marine personnel. Designed for some of the world’s most demanding conditions, strengthened by the unforgiving North Atlantic and moulded by experience, it is perfectly ready to meet every challenge you’ll face.

The ÖK Hull with its drastic reduction in slamming, bouncing, and its essential shock-mitigating qualities helps the crew arrive at the designated destination on time and in better shape. With a variety of use cases across different industries, the proven Rafnar Professional boat range is the right solution for every job.

Token Features

Built on the ÖK Hull

Significantly minimizing the detrimental effects of wave slamming impacts, through its unrivaled seaworthiness, stability, and comfort, the ÖK Hull redefines the accepted fundamentals of seakeeping.

Less Slamming

Smooth and comfortable ride due to limited wave slamming, resulting in reduced risk of injury, lower passenger and crew fatigue and related medical, disability, and other costs.

Reduced Sliding

Precision, high-speed performance, resulting in immediate handling response with no sliding or hooking.

Stability and Payload

High stability and balance when idle or full throttle and high payload capacity without compromising speed.

Extended Life Span

Reduced mechanical & equipment wear from minimal wave slamming, resulting in lower maintenance, replacement rates, and other operating expenses.

Token Features

A Pedigree of Quality

Every Rafnar Professional boat has a pedigree of quality and performance. Utilising the inherent abilities of the ÖK Hull, the success of our design is only matched by our build quality. With its exceptional seakeeping, dynamicl stability and lack of slamming, the hull provides superior visibility at all speeds —perfect when boarding vessels— minimizes wake, and has an immense load-carrying capacity. Every aspect of the boat is designed to be robust, self-righting and in case of an engine failure, it can still climb over its plane threshold.

A Hull for Every Job







A Version For Every Need





Key Highlights

Built to last
Built to last

Built To Last

All Rafnar Professional boats are built using only the highest quality vacuum-infused glass fiber. Drawing their heritage from Coast Guards, SAR teams and Special Forces around the world, our vessels are incredibly rugged, heavy-duty, and manufactured to some of the highest standards in the industry, offering long-lasting reliability and performance.

All conditions
All conditions

All Weather

With a smoother ride due to the ÖK Hull’s game-changing capabilities, you can rest assured naval personnel arrive at their destination in tip-top shape. All the versions of the Professional range are also fitted with shock-absorbing seats, to further improve cruising comfort, reduce crew fatigue, and ensure driving stability and safety in all weather conditions.



Safely walk around the boat in full gear, with sturdy grips and fittings. Every aspect of the Rafnar Professional range has been fine-tuned for safety, stability, and durability. With years of experience cruising in some of the world’s most demanding conditions, we have designed through iteration, a deck that is both functional and easy to navigate.


Spacious Foredeck

Plenty of storage space in the foredeck with an option for a seating area. Why not add two storage compartments with a total capacity of 800L, offering room for anything you might need onboard. Keep the gear you need at the ready, with a Rafnar boat everything is possible.

Fire ready
Fire ready

Dynamic Aft Deck

The Aft Deck offers crews the ability to carry out tasks and operations with room to spare. Whether it be life-saving, towing or firefighting equipment. There is space and load carrying capabilities for it.

Driving-experiance (1)
Driving-experiance (1)

Driver Experience

Excellent vision at all times due to the hull’s flat rise to the plane. With all controls accessible at your fingertips Rafnar boats are both an incredible ride for seasoned seafarers in all conditions.


Rafnar Professional interior can be fitted with all the details and equipment you require. With our vast experience in implementing some of the worlds most high-tech maritime solutions, and utilising our weight carrying capabilities, you can rest assured you’ll be able to stow away all the gear you need.

You can outfit your cabin with any job-specific equipment that matches your operations demand, from specialised seating to medical beds and onboard health monitor systems. Get in touch with us and let us help you assemble the boat that suits your professional needs.

Rafnar Testimonials //

The professionals say

Our boats are our best testimony


Innovation is in the core of our business. Every day, every hour, every second. We stay on the top of our toes, leaning forward, with the goal to constantly evolve. Our biggest innovation to date, the revolutionary ÖK Hull, has greatly disrupted the worldwide maritime industry. Tested by independent research to be capable of up to 95% fewer slamming impacts than competing Deep-V Hulls, the ÖK Hull ensures an otherwise unattainable seakeeping standard for vessels in the most extreme marine environments.


There is a reason why Rafnar is quickly becoming the obvious choice for seasoned seafarers, as the seas rarely offer ideal conditions. Originally designed to meet the demands of Iceland’s long, dark and unpredictable winters, with ÖK Hull as key to its success, every aspect of the boat is designed to be rugged and prepared for any condition. Used by Coast Guards, SAR teams and Special Forces around the world, we have a pedigree of toughness that is hard to match.


Rafnar only uses the world’s best marine-grade materials. When done right, GRP is stronger than steel, surprisingly light, does not corrode, and requires very little maintenance. The resin, finishes off the sandwiching process of multiple layers of glass fiber, enclosing a closed-cell core in the middle that apart from looking good, gives numerous advantages over competing build processes. We never compromise on quality. This is why our boats are built this way.


Rafnar boats are built under the Lloyd’s Register Certification, assuring owners and operators of its high safety standards, exceptional seaworthiness and build quality, and adhere to the precise, patented scaling adaptation of the ÖK Hull technology. In line with strict standards and exquisite workmanship, we rely upon the application of the very latest in composite manufacturing technology and materials in all our production facilities


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