1. Rafnar Limited Two-Year Warranty and Optional Extended Warranty
2. Rafnar Boats One-Year 'Operation-Functionality Warranty’
3. Third Party Supplier Equipment And Machinery Warranty

Product Warranty

Terms and Conditions

1. Rafnar Boats Limited Warranty. 
Rafnar provides a standard warranty to the original purchaser of each new Rafnar boat, for the period of two years, with an optional extension of up to five years, warranting that the boat, as originally manufactured by Rafnar, shall under normal and intended authorized use, remain free from structural defect in construction materials and workmanship.
(This Limited Warranty does not cover the gelcoat material or application, or any other components or equipment or machinery fastened or applied to the structure of a Rafnar boat. Gelcoat dis-coloration, blisters, or bubbles, and gelcoat cracks are not considered structural defects.)

Exclusions: This Limited Warranty shall not apply to:

a) Any Rafnar boat which has been used at any time for unauthorized or unusual commercial or racing purposes, as a demonstration boat, or in a promotional program.
b) Normal or routine maintenance procedures for the boat, or any component thereof; including but not limited to: alignment, adjustments, bonding-connectors, saltwater/brackish or other water-corrosion, and “wear and tear” items including, but not limited to, non-skid material, sponson or fendering material or inflatable pontoon tubing, light bulbs, batteries, bushings, packing material, seals, or gaskets.

c) Gelcoat or paint finish or colorfastness of gelcoat or paint finish, chrome-plated, anodized, or aluminium finish, or colorfastness of finish.
d) Damage to, or malfunction of, a boat, or any component thereof, resulting from: owner use, lack of maintenance, improper maintenance, impact, collision, misuse, negligence, delay-of-repair (unless specifically and directly authorized by the Rafnar warranty department in writing), trailer or trailer design, or improper or inadequate hoisting, trailering, or cradling, of the boat.
e) Structural, materials, or workmanship issues or flaws resulting from: any addition, modification, or repair of the boat, or any component thereof, caused by, resulting from, or in connection with any party other than Rafnar, or any defect or product failure caused by, resulting from, or in connection with any such addition, modification or repair.
f) Any and all consequential damages including, but not limited to, costs incurred for haulout, launching, towing, and storage charges, telephone or rental charges of any type, inconveniences, or loss of time or income.

Product Warranty

Terms and Conditions

Repairs and Rectification:
Any defect, flaw, or damage covered by this Limited Warranty shall, at the discretion of Rafnar, be repaired free of charge to the original first owner only, at a service facility approved by Rafnar. Transportation and/or labor-cost incurred in transporting the boat to and from the point of repair will be the responsibility of the owner.

2. Rafnar Boats 'Operation-Functionality Warranty’.
In addition to the ‘Rafnar Limited Warranty’ (Clause 1 above), Rafnar provides an ‘Operation-Functionality Warranty’ for the period of twelve months following the signature of the ‘Protocol of Acceptance’. This warranty covers the operation-functionality of new Rafnar boats delivered to a buyer in accordance with the technical specification and normal and reasonably expected operation. Flaws in operation-functionality caused as result of incorrect assembly or installation of equipment by Rafnar, identified in writing during the warranty period, will be corrected by Rafnar, or a Rafnar-approved service company within reasonable proximity to the boat at the time and place of identifying the flaw.

3. Third Party Supplier Equipment And Machinery Warranty.
Rafnar agrees to pass to the buyer of a new Rafnar boat all equipment and machinery warranty agreements and documentation issued by Third Party Suppliers of such equipment and machinery (where the Third Party Supplier agrees to such transfer of warranty support and assumption of responsibility, for a stipulated time). Such warranty will be ceded to the buyer on the Terms and Conditions stipulated and agreed by the Third Party Supplier.

The duration of any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or additional warranties otherwise, as agreed between Rafnar and the buyer, shall be limited to and coincident to the duration of these Terms and Conditions stated in (1), (2), and (3), above.