Experience Rafnar at HSBO

Embark on a riveting sea-trial aboard the Rafnar 1200 Cabin at the HSBO Show. This unrivalled 2022-built vessel boasts dual 600-horsepower Mercury V12 engines nestled in Rafnar’s patented hull design, setting new standards for its class.

Steered by expert Coast Guard captains, this event offers you an exclusive experience of Rafnar’s superior maritime innovation. Ideal for our tactical and professional guests, this sea-trial is not merely a ride, but a testament to Rafnar’s distinctive capabilities.

Join us by filling out the form below. We will arrange a suitable time for your personal sea-trial. Prepare to set sail with Rafnar and experience what we are all about at the HSBO Show.

Additional Info

Number of attendees per Sea-Trial:

  • The Rafnar 1200 in question has six Ullman shock-absorbing seats. One of which will be taken by the captain. Therefore, five guests can comfortably sit. However, more guests can stand or sit in the aft.
  • We do recommend keeping to groups of a maximum of five guests.

HSBO Sea-Trials

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