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Rafnar was founded in Iceland in 2005 and is located in the suburbs of Reykjavík, where the company occupies a modern 5,600 sqm facility. The shipyard utilises the latest technology in robotic machinery for milling, water-cutting, spray-up and lathe work.

Future expansions of facilities and production operations are foreseen.

After extensive tests of scale models and many experimental full-sized prototype craft, we are sure that we have created something extraordinary.

Rafnar Shipyard has proven its capability to design and build a craft that meets the most stringent requirements and demands in coast guard vessel design for the Icelandic Coast Guard.

Björn Jónsson - Managing Director

Telephone: +(354) 525 2320

Mobile: +(354) 823 4241

Email: bjorn.jonsson@rafnar.is

Þorbjörg Gísladóttir – Human Resources

Telephone: +(354) 525 2320

Mobile: +(354) 661 6343

Email: thorbjorg.gisladottir@rafnar.is

Arnar Ólason – Production Manager

Telephone: +(354) 525 2320

Mobile: +(354) 868 1434

Email: arnar.olason@rafnar.is

Páll Einarsson - Head of Design

Telephone: +(354) 525 2325

Mobile: +(354) 821 2906

Email: pall.einarsson@rafnar.is

Kári Logason - Naval Architect

Telephone: +(354) 525 2325

Mobile: +(354) 823 6438

Email: kari.logason@rafnar.is

Þorsteinn Jónínuson – Sales & Support

Telephone: +(354) 525 2320

Mobile: +(354) 860 2214

Email: thorsteinn.joninuson@rafnar.is

Anthony Just - Sales

Telephone: +(354) 525 2320

Mobile: +(34) 659 011 071

Email: anthony.just@rafnar.is

The story behind the logo

Flóki Vilgerðarson (b. 9th century) was the first explorer to deliberately sail to Iceland. He heard good news of a new land to the west, known as Garðarshólmi. The land was discovered by chance by another viking called Naddoður, sailing back from the Faeroe Islands to Norway.


“The third raven”

The vikings knew a good deal about the flight paths of birds during the migration seasons of spring and autumn. Flóki took three ravens aboard for which he asked the blessing of the gods.

En route, he released them in the hope that they would help him find the way to the new land.

The first raven flew towards the Faeroe Islands.

The second flew up into the air and then back down to the ship.

The third raven flew forward, northwest over the ocean on an unusually calm day, with its silhouette reflected off the Atlantic, and finally led Flóki to the coast of Iceland.